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How to negotiate a relocation package

Moving is a major transition in your life regardless of the circumstances. However, moving from one province or country to another can pose an entirely new set of stressors. Relocation is moving to a place that is over 100 km away from your current dwelling. If you're relocating as a result of a request from your employer, there are several things you can include in your negotiation to make the process as easy as possible.


The first thing to ensure is included is the transfer of your vehicle(s). This may include the gas and/or mileage costs and wear and tear on the vehicles, etc. In other cases, if you're moving overseas, for example, there may be additional costs associated with physically shipping vehicles.


It is a good idea to ask your employer to provide a list of childcare providers in your area. Depending on how quickly you need to move, there could be special circumstances that your employer may reimburse.

Elder Care

When moving with an elderly loved one, ask your employer for a list of nursing homes or care centres in your area.

Moving and Packing Expenses

Having a moving truck, movers and packers will vastly improve the quality of your move. Ensure that these costs are included in your relocation package to ensure your move goes smoothly. Make sure to also include an unpack service once you arrive!

Home Finding Trip

Before you move, it is always a good idea to plan a home finding trip in your new area if possible. Make sure to negotiate all of the costs associated with such a trip including airfare, hotel, rental car and meals. This type of trip will give you the opportunity to research communities, schools and commutes.

Home Buying/Selling Services

Buying and selling a home has many additional costs outside the cost of the home. Ask your employer to help cover the closing costs, mortgage penalties and any other outstanding expenses that may arise.

Miscellaneous Expenses

There are always random costs that creep up during a move. Make sure to negotiate these miscellaneous items in your package. Things like carpet cleaning, drapery installation, utility hookups, vehicle registration and other incidentals should be reimbursed.

Partner Job Support

This is often used as a recruiting tactic by many employers, knowing that having a partner's support in a relocation makes the decision must easier. Many employers offer a bonus, to arrange job interviews for the spouse/partner, or to fly the whole family back and forth to visit the area should a partner/family stay behind.


Should you need to secure a temporary living situation and are in need of storage, this should also be included in your relocation package.

For most relocation negotiations, remember you are in the driver's seat! Make sure your transition is as easy as possible by keeping these suggestions in mind.

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