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Real Estate Law

Real Estate

Real Estate Law – We offer the complete package with respect to real estate transactions. Our dedicated real estate lawyers are committed to providing exceptional service for our Halifax area client real estate needs.


Purchasing and selling is among the most significant transactions in one’s life and our firm offers services tailored to each client’s individual needs. We provide assistance in all matters related to real estate, including purchasing and/or selling a home, refinancing a home, conversion of land to the new Land Registration system, land use matters and boundary and easement issues.


If you have a question about a current or pending real estate matter, please contact us today to arrange an initial consultation.


Purchase – A home buyer requires a lawyer when purchasing a home to ensure their rights are protected and that their obligations under the Purchase and Sale Agreement are fulfilled. We, as lawyers, also certify that the home has clear title and ensure encumbrances such as the seller’s mortgage, are removed from the parcel of land. Whether you have already signed an Agreement of Purchase and Sale or require the assistance of a lawyer to have an Agreement drawn up, our lawyers are available to assist you.


Sale – When selling a residential property, an experienced real estate lawyer ensures that the seller is aware of their obligations under the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the title is transferred correctly and any mortgages or other encumbrances on the property are paid out. A lawyer will also ensure that proper adjustments are paid for taxes, oil, rent, etc and can assist if there are any disputes between the parties prior to or on the closing date.


Refinance – Considering refinancing your home or other real estate? There are many reasons why people want to refinance their current mortgage, whether it’s the end of your mortgage term, or you are remortgaging to take advantage of the equity in your home, our lawyers are available to assist with the legal work involved. If you have been approved to refinance your home, please contact our office to discuss how we may assist you.


Migrations – The Nova Scotia Land Registration Act requires that all properties being sold for value or mortgaged, among other triggers, first be converted into its new online system before the transaction can take effect. Migration is a one-time process which can only be completed by a lawyer with specially authorized access to the land registration system.


Please note that we are highly experienced in assisting military service relocation with legal matters related to real estate transactions. As well, we offer our services in English and French.


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